Chalk Encouraged.


At the Citadel Nutrition Training Center, our vision is to provide the tools and environment necessary for strength athletes to achieve their goals.

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Our equipment revolves around helping you become stronger. Power racks, platforms, specialty bars, iron and bumper plates, and chalk.

We solve many of the problems commonly found at commercial gyms for those that want to take training seriously. 



Our training center is home to elite strength athletes passionate about progress and achievement. You will immerse yourself in an environment conducive to becoming strong.

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Our community shares a passion for helping one another. Egos are checked at the door and achievements and failures are shared together. We are also home to The Georgia Tech Barbell Club, The Georgia State Powerlifting Team, Citadel Nutrition, and countless other organizations.




The CN Training Center does not follow the same business model as other gyms that try to maximize profits at every step of the way. We are funded by Citadel Nutrition so we can provide the best training experience possible.


Get Stronger. Here. 



 Who we are and our approach to creating a training center for strength athletes. 

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